PRINCE GEORGE, BC - Minimally Invasive Approach to Treating Dental Caries: Participatory


3 C.E. credits & FREE products from Oral Science, Curaprox, and X-PUR (valued at $100)



- $50/person
- 9 am to noon
- Breakfast included
- Location to be decided
Learn about the new paradigm shift in dental caries prevention, detection, 
and management. Including how the majority of carious lesions can be reversed and even arrested.
An easy-to-integrate approach for a minimally invasive treatment of dental caries will be presented. The Treatment Plan Approach involves the following: 
  • Managing the recent caries experience and current disease activity
  • Differentiate between non-cavitated & cavitated lesions
  • Identify solutions to arrest cavitated lesion
  • Discover how high-intensity treatments can transform the cariogenic oral flora to a non-cariogenic one
  • Discover how to optimize the remineralization process in-office and at home
  • Discover how to optimize biofilm removal using the most effective and atraumatic home-care tools

This approach combines the most innovative, effective and evidence-based in-office treatments and home-care solutions. The participants will be proficient and confident to integrate and recommend these solutions in practice.

  • Pharmacy recommendation pads and samples for patients will be provided.
  • The brands presented will include X-PUR, Curaprox, Xylimelts, Gengigel, Advantage Arrest, FluoriMax & Plaque HD.

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