Hands-On Course:
Cuaraprox iTOP

***Register and get 6 C.E. credit hours and $100 worth of free Curaprox & X-PUR products.

The iTOP course is a unique opportunity to implement an effective top level evidence-based oral hygiene program that includes:

Curaprox Oral Hygiene Tools

• Personalised interdental brushes with an interdental space measuring probe

• Ultra soft toothbrushes • Specialized tools for implant and orthodontic maintenance

Strategies for enhanced patient communication

To increase their compliance with the recommended treatment

Through a didactic and practical session and in cooperation with other passionate dental professionals, you will experience a paradigm shift towards becoming your patients’ trusted personal oral health partner.

Our oral health consultants will then be able to support your integration of these products and of this effective communication strategy according to your specific needs.

$150 per person


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